26-note midi organ

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26-note midi organ
A bright full sound by the double registers and a nice celeste.

This 26-note midi operated organ has a very "full" and bright sound compared to its format.
Through this sweet carrying sound the organ is suitable for both indoor and outdoor performances.

The organ on the photo is build for use with an facade, therefore the front side is kept open.
Price on request

Characteristics 26-Toets Draaiorgel
- Plays the standard available 20 / 26-note midi-files
- Double bellows with high quality leather
- Varnished case

Model A:


4x Bourdon 8′
4x Bourdon 4′


6x Bourdon 8′

6x Bourdon 4′


16x Bourdon 8′
16x Bourdon 8′ (Celeste)

Total 56 pipes.

Optionally available:

  • Hand cart
  • Fasade
  • Figures
  • Custom Disposition

As an option, this organ can be build with a keyframe (book music) or a 26-note spool frame (music rolls).